Modernise your Business with ProcessMaker

Written on:July 28, 2014
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Make your Business Process easy with the Open Source Business Process application “ProcessMaker”. The Process Maker application is very easy to use, cost effective and can be enabled and customized to meet your specific requirements.

ProcessMaker Features that Empower your organisation.

•  Comprehensive Toolbar to create document, Setup and design forms and customize work flows

•  Easy to identify problematic areas, helping to increase your workflow productivity and performance

•  Easily manage and coordinate with each and every department in your entire organisation

•  ProcessMaker makes it easy to connect and manage existing database application systems such as CRM, BI and ERP Management.

•  Integration of Third party applications is made easy through web services

Why ProcessMaker is better than other BPM Applications:

ProcessMaker is a totally 100% web based system. It is a unique application with highly expandable qualities which help you manage your Business more effectively. According to Specialists such as Business analysts and industry professionals, “ProcessMaker is very convenient to use compared to similar applications because it can run without any programming knowledge”. IT professionals and system administrators like ProcessMaker because they don’t have to devote long periods of time for developing and programming. End users choose ProcessMaker because it is really a very user friendly application. The most positive point about ProcessMaker is that the overall implementation cost is low but it has very high value results.

You Must Have the Right Partner for Integrating ProcessMaker

Bista Solutions is the Gold Partner of ProcessMaker in India. We are specialized in implementing customized ProcessMaker system solutions based on the client’s requirements. Bista Solution has its core expertise and a wide range of experience in integrating BPM Software Suite. You can completely rely on our ability; ProcessMaker Suite implemented by Bista helps your organization to achieve a quality outcome with less investment.

Bista Promoted to Gold Partners of Odoo(OpenERP)

Written on:July 24, 2014

Bista Solutions is happy to announce that it has been promoted to Gold Partners of Odoo (OpenERP) in US region. The Gold Partnership is certified to only those companies who have contributed a significant role in completing high quality projects of OpenERP. It is a prestige’s award to Bista for dedicatedly developing unique strategy to achieve OpenERP goals. Been Business Partner for Odoo (OpenERP), we have successfully implemented many specialized…


Bista Solutions invites you to their America Tour!

Written on:February 28, 2014
Bista Solutions invites you to their America Tour!

OpenERP is hosting a presentation of its new Website builder and eCommerce in USA.This is a live platform for you to talk to us about your business needs. The time and location of the events are as follows: • New York : March 11,2014 at 5pm • Montreal : March 13,2014 at 2pm • Los Angeles: March 18,2014 at 5pm • San Francisco: March 20,2014 at 5pm • Chicago: April…


Sciencetech completes OpenERP integration with Magento Website

Written on:February 20, 2014
Sciencetech completes OpenERP integration with Magento Website

Sciencetech Completes OpenERP Integration with Magento Website (2014) Sciencetech Inc, a privately owned Canadian research and development company, with help from Bista Solutions, has finished integrating its new Open Source resource management software (OpenERP) with a brand new e-commerce site powered by Magento. Sciencetech offers a huge variety of spectroscopic, solar simulation, and far infrared/terahertz (THz) instrumentation, and so the process of integrating a single software package to handle both…


2014 ERP key trends

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2014 ERP key trends

There has been a significant evolution in enterprise software over the past couple of years. The year 2013 marked a maximum number of ERP implementations. With the onset of 2014, it becomes customary to predict what might unfold in the years ahead. Listed below are 6 key trends for 2014, which have been a hot topic of discussion lately amongst industry professionals: Cloud ERP to gain higher market share: Cloud…

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