Easy Process of Return Products Using Odoo

Written on:October 13, 2014
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RMA is known as “Return Merchandise Authorization”, It is basically a feature of Returning Products and Goods which are already been sold.  RMA is kind of the agreement from the supplier to the customer for the exchange, return and refund of the Product.

Let us understand How RMA Module works in Odoo ERP Application

  • Login and go inside the sales menu, Click on RMA and create a return order

RMA module in odoo

• Let us take the example of “Repair” RMA and Confirm the Return Order


• After confirming, a incoming shipment will be generated. You to process the incoming shipment by Scanning and Receiving the product

Barcode Scanning
RMA Process in Odoo

Product Receiving

RMA Function in Odoo

• To receive products, go into the quality control location and you will find the product.

RMA Product in Odoo

• We need to transfer product from Quality Control to Repair Location.


• Under Manufacturing ———–> Repair Orders

A Repair order is generated, confirm the repair order and process it to create a Delivery Order
RMA for Repairing

• Click and Create Delivery Order

RMA Delivery Order

• Delivery Order is successfully Generate and After Repair the product is shipped back to Customer

RMA Module in Odoo

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